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Menu Selling is The Easy Way to Close Deals

Generate a customer friendly payment choices in moments. Print and present or better yet use an iPad or other wifi enabled tablet and let the customer interact with the menu like no other web desking software allows. This tactile approach engages the customer in the shopping experience, keeping them on task and allows them buy or lease their car from you with just a click. EASY.

Load a 4 payment deal in a minute. No Kidding.

Generate a customer friendly payment choices in moments. Our one page payment loader, is designed to get the menu to the customer in seconds. Your sales team will appreciate how simple it is, they can even make down payments with the customers on the fly

Don't Let the High Price of DMS desking tools stop you from having a menu on the sales floor.

The high price of DMS desking tools has prevented some dealers from using a menu selling system on their showroom floor. We don’t blame the big guys for their prices, they have to pay the expense of enormous sales teams and legacy integration that causes huge start up delays and keeps the prices high. We aim to change that with a modern approach and with reasonable pricing. Our sales desking software in hosted in the cloud, is simple and secure with No contract, no salespeople calling on you and best of all, it costs ONLY $5,999 per year or $599 per month.

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