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Possibly the Best Menu for Car Dealers

Automotive Sales and F&I Payment Menu

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88% of Dealers Use a Menu

customers like payment menusGiving only one payment is not choice, it's an ultimatum. That's why 88% of franchise dealers use a payment menu like SalesDesking.com. Now menu selling is affordable for any size dealership or independent used car lot.

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Sales and F&I Menu

sales department payment menuWhy do F&I I managers get all the best tools? Simple, they have proven that presentation tools and menu selling increases gross and product sales. For some reason other parts of the same dealership don't get to play in the same...

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Payments the Right Way

sales department payment menuWe are huge fans of a strong sales process. The process seems to always break down when the salesperson gets nervous about showing the customer their payment. It can be nerve-racking especially for inexperienced salespeople. That's why...

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Fastest Menu System

  • LOAD your presentation in less than a minute.
  • PRINT or transfer to IPad, tablet or salesperson's desktop.
  • PRESENT and help your customer choose.
  • PICK their choice, print waiver.
  • DONE

300% Rule Applied

  • Show 100% of your product choices.
  • To 100% of your customers.
  • 100% of the time.

That's the power of menu selling. It makes it easier for your customers to make reasonable choices

Why Our Software?

  • Multiple Product Add-ons in Each Column
  • Different APR in Each Column
  • Different Down Payment in Each Column
  • Mix and match any of the above
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Payments

Menu Selling for Used Car Dealers and Buy Here Pay Here

With compliance being an issue for even the smallest of dealerships, using a menu selling system is a logical choice. At $39 per month even small used car lots can show menu options for their customers.

Don't Let Price Stop You From Being Compliant

$599 per month or $5,999 per year and get 2 months free.

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