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Payment Choice, is by far the Easy Way

Why do finance managers get all the best tools at new car dealerships? Simple, they have proven that presentation tools and menu selling increases gross profit and product sales. For some reason other parts of the same dealership don’t get to play in the same sandbox, salespeople are still using buyers orders or worse, back of business cards to present their payment quotes.

Isn’t it time that salespeople use a menu selling system that can help them learn to love the thrill of the close instead of fearing it?

I think so. We humans are wired to see things in three. That is why every major joke has three parts to it before the punchline, three branches of government, three musketeers and so on. There’s a whole science behind the rule of three. The bottom line is, if you present at least three choices, it allows the consumer to eliminate others and choose one.

It's a much better strategy than just showing one payment. You can even add a fourth choice that is so different from the three that it stands alone on the page. What I like to call the “Switch Payment” a radically different payment, term or finance type. More on switch payments.

Its not just the rule of three that is important, its also understanding your customers limits. Example if they really only have a thousand down, showing other down payments does not present a choice. Again, one payment is not a choice. I personally love different terms as the best way to present payment choices. Example 48,60 and 72 months. Don’t forget to also show a fourth choice with an alternative less expensive vehicle. It is so much kinder to present choices that the customer can actually pick from. Even if you using Excel spreadsheet or just a 3 x 5 card with lines drawn down the middle really I don’t care. The important thing is to present at least three choices to every customer along with a switch payment.

The SalesDesking.com menu payment system will help you show up to four payment choices, it costs ONLY $5,999 per year or $599 per month. For a Limited Time.

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